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Rabbit-safe plants (grass/flowers)

Dandelions, dandelions, dandelions...

Illustrated Guide to Edibles:

Are you tired of only picking dandelions to your rabbit in fear of serving it toxic plants? If that´s the case, this is the article for you!

Here you´ll find an illustrated list of very common (at least in Norway) grass, plants and flowers which are safe to serve, and hopefully it will help you extend the green menu during the seasons when such plants grow and thrive outside.

The list is not exhaustive, and there are probably several more plants one can safely serve to rabbits. The purpose of the list is mainly to present a handful of safe sorts which are also easy to find and recognize.

It´s not always easy to seperate the different sorts and species from one another, therefore we strongly recommend that you click on the titles to study the additional - an often much larger - photos you´ll be directed to. If you´re still not certain of what species you have picked/found, avoid giving it to your rabbit(s). You can´t trust them to know what they can or can not ingest without getting into trouble. Avoid plants that may have been exposed to chemicals or pollution from busy roads.

We also recommend that you take a closer look at Medirabbits feeding information/ food list, and additionaly their illustrated list of toxic plants.

Rabbits react differently to various types and amounts of fresh plants, so make sure you introduce new sorts gradually and give limited and adjusted amounts while you keep an eye on the rabbits shape and its droppings. One or two leafs are enough when it has been a while since last time you served it or your rabbit have never eaten this sort before . Another aspect is that large amount of fresh plants often result in decreased or no hay-eating, which will increase the chance of digestional illness.

After it´s been picked, fresh plants and grass will begin the process of being broken down, and its important not to serve large amounts which takes several hours for the rabbit to finish off. If the rabbit ingests half-rotten plants, it can cause bloat and serious complications. Partly because of this, avoid feeding you rabbit grass cut by a lawnmower.

It is also worth mentioning that leaf and twigs from the berrybushes redcurrant, blackcurrant, gooseberry, blacberry and raspberry are safe to give although they are not included in this overview. In addition, leafs, needles, branches and twigs from a whole bunch of trees and bushes are also safe - more about these here. Some herbs also grow wild, and an illustrated list of safe herbs can be found here.




Great plantain

Nettle (dried only)

Lady's Mantle


Bishop's Goutweed



Fireweed/Rosebay Willowherb


Garden Nasturtium/Indian Cress

Pot marigold

Oxeye daisy/Marguerite

Wood Cranesbill/Woodland Geranium



Jerusalem artichoke


Dame’s Rocket