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Rabbit-safe vegetables

Illustrated Guide to Edibles:

Rabbit + carrot = true. Sure, but there are several other vegetables in addition to carrots you can give to your rabbit. In fact, the root itself contains lots of carbs, so in most cases the carrot top and other low carb vegetables are way better alternatives than the root. Choosing among salad types, the darkest ones are preferable because of the high amount of water in the light variants.

Here you will find an illustrated list of vegetables you safely can give to rabbits. Most of the you can find in the green section of local grocery shops/supermarkets, and especially during the winter (in snowy Norway) vegetables serves as a nice variation during long periods of only hay and pellets. Some people also grow vegetables in their garden.

The list is not exhaustive, and there are probably several more types one can serve safely to rabbits. The purpose of the list is mainly to present a handful of safe sorts which are also easy to find and recognize.

Hay is your rabbits main food, and vegetables needs to be given in reasonable and limited amounts. Diarrhoe and stomach ache can easily be the result if the rabbit is given too much of it. Getting to choose between hay and vegetables, the first mentioned usually remains in its hack barely touched. Young rabbits needs to be slowly introduced to new types of vegetables, especially if you do not know what it has been used to eat before you adopted it. Introduce one sort at a time, and increase gradually while keeping an eye on the droppings.

We also recommend that you take a closer look at Medirabbits feeding information/food list, and additionaly their illustrated list of toxic plants.

Carrots + tops (toots rich on sugar)


Celery sticks


Radish + tops


Rosso lettuce

Ruccola salad

Lollo lettuce

Beets + tops

Parsnip (high on sugar)




Garden pea pods

Give small amounts of these - they contain lots of water, or can cause bloat:

Tomato (green plant is toxic)