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Rabbit books

Now and then members of the indoor rabbit forum (Innekaninforumet) recommend rabbit books they have enjoyed, and here you will find some of them.

Gentle Hearts, Valiant Spirits

Marie Mead
Author Marie Mead ( says:

Rabbits: Gentle Hearts, Valiant Spirits is a book of true stories about rescued rabbits. My inspiration for the book came from Kali, a fuzzy lop-eared bunny rescued from a preschool classroom, where she’d been mistreated and neglected. Kali turned out to be such a surprise: a strength of will and presence that I never imagined in such a small, quiet, fragile being.

I wanted to write a book that captures the essence of rabbits – their joie de vivre as well as their independence and individual personalities. I also felt moved to expose the common plight of domestic rabbits in a way that would allow the stories to remain uplifting and inspirational and to acknowledge the people who recognize rabbits as the treasures they are

The Relaxed Rabbit
Chandra Moira Beal

In The Relaxed Rabbit: Massage for Your Pet Bunny, professional Massage Therapist and her mini-lop rabbit, Maia, share basic massage strokes specifically designed for pet rabbits, offering the layperson a step-by-step routine to practice on companion rabbits at home.

"Massage is a great way to deepen your relationship with your pets, as touching strengthens the animal-human bond," says Beal. "Stroking a pet can even lower your blood pressure, increase self-esteem, and establish a feeling of well-being. Animal massage is a win-win prospect!"

Many rabbits are purchased on impulse, only to be later abandoned when their novelty wears off. Beal hopes this book will help educate readers about keeping rabbits as indoor pets as well as teaching them how to share loving touch.

Stories Rabbits Tell
A natural and cultural history of a misunderstood creature
Susan E. Davis and Margo Demello

Stories Rabbits Tell takes a comprehensive look at the rabbit as a wild animal, ancient symbol, pop culture icon, commercial "product" and domesticated pet. In so doing, the book explores how one species can be simultaneously adored as a symbol of childhood (think Peter Rabbit), revered as a symbol of female sexuality (e.g., Playboy Bunnies), dismissed as a "dumb bunny" in domesticity and loathed as a pest in the wild.

The authors counter these stereotypes with engaging analyses of real rabbit behavior, drawn both from the authors' own experience and from academic studies, and place those behaviors in the context of current debates about animal consciousness. In a detailed investigative section, the authors also describe conditions in the rabbit meat, fur, pet and vivisection industries, and raise important questions about the ethics of treating rabbits as we do.

House Rabbit Handbook:
How to Live with an Urban Rabbit
Marinell Harrimann

The House Rabbit Handbook coined the term "house rabbit" and continues at the forefront of rabbit care and appreciation. Packed with the collective wisdom of bunny-lovers and charming, candid photos of their pets, this fourth edition keeps pace with a more knowledgeable and demanding readership.

This revision includes updated health-care and dietary information, accompanied by diagrams and photo illustrations, and chapters on understanding rabbit language, choosing a rabbit, and safety issues. A new section includes revised recommendations for rabbit space and how to creatively integrate it with human space. Fresh housing options described here include "condos" and "Xpens." Exercise and ways to encourage it is the subject of another new section, covering how the shape of an exercise area can determine whether it's used, along with equipment and stimulating "activities" for rabbits.

Also here are improved techniques for litter box training, bunny proofing, lifting and handling, grooming and bonding; behavior insights from expert caregivers; dealing with elderly, special-needs, and disabled bunnies; and much more.

Rabbit health in the 21st cenury: A guide for bunny parents
Kathy Smith

This is a book about rabbit health from a caretaker's perspective and is written for people with little or no medical or veterinary background. Rabbit Health in the 21st Century is not intended to ever replace a visit to a veterinarian. Its goal is to help rabbit caretakers play a more active, informed role in their rabbit's health care decision

Rabbits for Dummies
Audrey Pavia
Quiet, cuddly, and ridiculously cute with their big floppy ears and cotton tails, rabbits make great companions. And while they may seem like simple little creatures, they are really very complex and never cease to amaze those who live with them. Physiologically and psychologically bunnies are very different from cats and dogs—or any other pet you may be familiar with—and they have their own unique needs and problems that must be addressed. Keeping a bunny healthy and happy requires a sincere commitment of time, energy, and love—one you’d better be sure you’re willing to invest before you take one of these gentle little creatures into your life.

Rabbits For Dummies lets you take a well-informed look before hopping headlong into the wonderful world of rabbit ownership. This fun, entertaining book fills you in on everything you need to know to successfully adopt, nurture, live with and love a rabbit.