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Kanin is the Norwegian word for rabbit, and saw daylight in February 2006 - but then only as a forum - Indoor Rabbit Forum. The ideology of the forum lies very close to the more known House Rabbit Society located on, and our main goal has been to strenghten rabbits position and status as a house pet here in Norway.

Unlike USA and Great Brittain, indoor rabbit keeping in Norway still means keeping the rabbit in a small cage, and the concept of bonding two or more rabbits is not very common. There are also many misconceptions about rabbits here, and they are greatly misunderstood on an average basis.

The founders of originally frequented rabbit forums where all type of rabbit keepers hang out, and big disagreements between especially the breeders and indoor rabbit keepers occured often. Having an indoor - more or less cageless - rabbit also brings up very different issues to solve than a more traditional, often outdoor, rabbit keeping, and the indoor rabbit people wanted more specialized cathegories to discuss this way of living with rabbits.

In addition, attitudes and opinions concerning rabbits need for medical attention, and the need to reduce the number of new born rabbits every year differs a lot between people in Norway. By creating our own specialized web site we got a more solid starting point when it comes to educate people and try to make rabbit lives in Norway a little happier.

Today, consists of the largest website about rabbits in Norwegian, an indoor rabbit forum in Norwegian, and now some webpages in english too. In the future, we will continue to work for our cause, and new functions, articles and photos will be added to the website as time goes by.

We hope you enjoy our website, and hope you return later on to check up on new stuff we will have added in time.